Why Do We Procrastinate?

Advice from a community college student:

“I was procrastinating all the time, so I started writing a journal and a daily planner. and this has turned it around.”

Is it true that almost everyone procrastinates sometimes?
Is it true that society presents us with many “important” things we “must” do that are only for the money or for the approval of others?
If so, no wonder we procrastinate. We would rather do better things.
But what if we postpone things that are really important to us?
A chronic procrastinator can easily lose track of their potential and fail to fulfill their promise.
Their children are not going to see an example of someone who tries hard.
They’ll see an example of a person who says “It’s all too hard” and “I’m too tired.”
Then the child figures it’s OK to be too tired to get things done, because the challenges of life are too hard.
Do you want your child to believe that?